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The Heroes of UNHCR


The UNHCR team is in place to prepare a camp with water, food and medicine, to help those who have fled their homes.

The set

  • A team member with a water well drilling rig. When the well is finished the pump and bucket are ready to distribute water.
  • A team member with a tent. There is also food and cooking facilities available for those in need, as well as a football to play with for the kids.
  • A doctor with a jeep, equipped with communication equipment, medicine and vaccinations.

Together, the team works to provide water, food, medicine and shelter for those who are in need.


The idea for this set came from all the amazing work UNHCR are doing to help people in need. After reading and some consideration, I choose three elements that I wanted to include in the set, water, food and medicine.

  • The water was visualized by a drill, since getting clean water is necessary for everything.
  • The food was visualized by a tent with cooking facilities. A safe place for families on the run. For the kids to have fun there is also a football included.
  • The medicine was visualized by a doctor who provides vaccination. A lot of difficulties can be stopped early if all children are vaccinated against the most common childhood diseases.

With these three elements I wanted to build a set that represent UNHCR and also is fun to play with for children, to help them get understanding of the difficultes in the world and that we together can help others.

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Come and help build a safe place for everyone.

Thanks for your support!

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