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The Tree Collection

Trees are an extremely important aspect of life on earth, producing about 30% of the oxygen in the atmosphere!  On top of that, they have many other important roles to play in the world.  Some of those include cooling, saving energy, cleaning water, benefits to wildlife, and even reducing crime!  For more details on how important trees are, you can visit other sites such as The Arbor Day Foundation!

On top of those amazing benefits, trees are awesome to look at, especially LEGO trees.  I wanted to create something aesthetically pleasing and something that can be used with creations of all types!  These trees would be perfect for a LEGO part in your city, in your fantasy castle realm or on a deserted pirate island!  To that end, I made designed these three trees that can be placed in various scenes throughout different LEGO creations!

The set includes all three trees and is ~2,000 pieces.

Apple Tree
The apple tree is a deciduous tree, that grows up to 30 feet tall.  The apple tree is one of the most widely grown trees in the world and the fruit grown by the tree is used around the world. The tree came from Central Asia and moved was around the world by settlers for thousands of years.  Apple production topped 86 million tons in 2018, China being the primary producer with nearly 50%.

Palm Tree
There are various type of palm plants such as climbers, and shrubs, but the tall stemless plants are generally what people refer to when thinking of palm trees.  Some of these palm trees can grow up to 100 feet tall.  Most of palm species can only grow in tropical areas.  A majority of the palms are large trees with green leaves at the top of a tall stem; the leaves are called fronds.  Palm trees and plants are one of the most known types of trees on the planet. Humans have produced various types products and foods from palm trees over the years, making them an important part of human life.

Pine Tree
Pine trees are coniferous trees that grow up to 260 feet tall.  Most of the tallest trees in the world are coniferous, including those at Redwood National Park in California.  The tallest pine tree, however, is 268.35 feet tall!  Pine trees can live thousands of years too! The oldest Pine Tree, nicknamed "Methuselah", is the world's oldest living organism, about 4,600 years old!  Pine Trees have also been known to grow in a very interesting pattern; the arrangement of all the branches, needles, and cones have been found to follow the Fibonacci number ratio.

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