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Round House Ski Lodge


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The iconic Round House Ski Lodge 
There’s no better feeling than unclicking your ski boots after a long day on the slopes. Since 1939, the Round House has been a refuge from the cold weather in Sun Valley, Idaho. Resting at 7,700 feet (or bricks in this case!), the lodge features a unique octagonal architecture, elevated on a platform of rocky terrain, but its eye-catching structure is only a small part of what makes this set special.

On the Approach
Leave your skis and poles at the bottom of the cobblestone steps, or just lean them up against the building if you forgot your manners! Hang on to the railing, and be sure to watch your step on the stairs–some of them are pure ice!

The Main Attraction
True to the original inspiration, this model features a stunning and massive stone fireplace, which serves as the focal point from almost any angle. On the mantle, you’ll find various trophies and accolades, highlighting the mountain’s legendary history. The fireplace also serves as the means for cooking the world-famous Brick Oven Pizza in the kitchen, where it slyly transforms into a fully-operational pizza oven. Be warned, it can get a little hot in there, and tensions tend to boil over, so remember what they say: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

No Detail Overlooked
From the moment you enter, the level of detail is striking. Whether it’s the RH embroidered into the carpeting, the skis mounted to the chimney, or the herringbone wood floors, every element invites you to look deeper. Make sure to put your name on the list with our host, and while you wait, we encourage you to grab a hot cocoa, or a chilled beverage at the well-equipped Italian Soda bar. If we can’t find a space to accommodate your party inside, there’s a patio area, kept warm with space heaters. From here, you’ll enjoy excellent views of the mountain and surrounding valley–perfect for photographing the wildlife or family members as they shred down the hill.

Around the Grounds
Take a load off and rest up on the repurposed chairlift swing, which hangs in perfect proximity to watch your youngsters build a snowman or winter castle. Just be careful not to get too close to the ice cave–you never know what might be frozen in there! 

Why I Designed It
I wanted to make a definitive wintertime build that would synthesize elements from the existing alpine sets, with a higher brick count, that could generate interest every year around the holidays. After all, staying in and building is one of the best ways to keep warm through the winter! The idea of creating a round structure was compelling to me because of how rarely you see sets without 90° walls. As I got further along in the process, I remembered the Yoda Hut from one of my first sets (4502), which reminded me of how fun a round structure can be to actually build. This also served as the inspiration for making the wall between the kitchen and bathroom hinged at an angle, resting on tiles, rather than squared off. 

Let’s Have Some Fun
The roof and walls are all fully-removable, making the interior accessible for countless hours of fun. For me, the whole point is playability, which is why I tried to add in details and special moments all over the set–from the kitchen drama to the frozen plumbing. I didn’t want any area to feel like a forgotten space or a wasted opportunity, and I think that led to some of my favorite elements in the end.

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