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Modular Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum


Doctor Strange's Santum Santorum returns, but this time in modular form! This idea features the three levels of the Sorcerer Supreme's mystical home, each one bringing an accurate representation of the building from the Marvel Universe to Lego!

The first floor includes the living room, library, dining room and Wong's kitchen. There is also a staircase leading up to the second floor, in which we find the landing, Doctor Strange's bedchamber, Wong's bedchamber and the study. This houses the Orb of Aggamotto for observing and protecting the Earth, a stand for the Cloak of Levitation and three shelves for various magical objects. After traveling up the staircase, the final floor contains the Book of the Vishanti and four candles arranged in a circle where Dr Strange can transform into his Astral body to glide through New York City and beyond.

The proposed characters for this project are Doctor Strange (and his astral self), Wong, The Ancient One and Baron Mordo. For the Ancient One and Baron Mordo figures, there are both film and comic book versions.

This would be a fantastic addition to the existing Lego Marvel sets, and it's also designed to the scale of a modular building. Each floor is removable, and the back section of the roof detaches to reveal the third floor. It measures 25.5cm in length and depth, and is 30cm tall.

Support the magical dwelling, and may the Eternal Vishanti watch over thee! 

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