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Working LEGO Bicycle


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Introducing the Working LEGO Bicycle: Unleash your creativity and passion for cycling with this authentic LEGO model! Join the global movement towards a sustainable future as you construct your very own bicycle using 950 genuine LEGO bricks. From the sturdy frame to the smallest accessories, every detail has been carefully designed for an unparalleled building and riding experience.

Key Features:
  1. Sturdy frame: Construct a robust bike frame capable of supporting the entire model.
  2. Comfortable saddle: Enjoy a comfortable seating experience during your imaginative rides.
  3. Working drivetrain: Experience the thrill of a fully functional drivetrain that mimics the mechanics of a real bicycle.
  4. Realistic components: From the half chain guard to the pedal and crank arm, each part captures the essence of a genuine bike.
  5. Functional freewheel: Enjoy the realistic sensation of a working freewheel, allowing for smooth coasting and easy pedaling. (even the sound!)
  6. Functional brakes: Activate the pneumatic front and rear disc brakes for realistic stopping power.
  7. Adjustable handlebars: Customize the handlebars to match your preferred riding style.
  8. Convenient kickstand: Keep your LEGO bike upright with the spring-loaded kickstand.
  9. Authentic accessories: Complete your ride with a bike bell, light, spoke wheels, rear bike rack, GPS, drink bottle rack, rear deflector, U lock, and bike stand.

This meticulously crafted model strikes a perfect balance between technic and system bricks, capturing the mechanical intricacies of a real bicycle while maintaining a visually appealing design. The challenge of engineering a sturdy frame capable of supporting the entire model was conquered, resulting in a flawless riding mechanism that will leave you thrilled with every imaginary adventure.
Designed to captivate a wide audience, from curious youngsters to nostalgic adults, this LEGO Bike Builder Set serves as an ideal display model. With under 1000 pieces, it offers a perfect entry point for LEGO newcomers in terms of both affordability and building experience.
Embrace the spirit of sustainable transportation and experience the joy of cycling while contributing to a greener planet. Bicycles emit no greenhouse gases, making them one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation. Not only that, but cycling is an incredibly fun and enjoyable way to stay active.

Fun Facts About Bicycles:
  • The top five countries where bike riding is the most common form of transportation are the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.
  • China, over 100 years after the introduction of the first bicycle, now boasts over half a billion bikes.
  • Amsterdam leads the way with 40% of all commutes made by bicycles.
  • Copenhagen holds the title of the most bicycle-friendly city in the world.
  • The United States is home to over 400 cycling clubs.

Thank you for your interest in my project! I'm excited to share this creation with the LEGO community. Please support me by spreading the word among your friends and family. Let's embark on an incredible biking adventure together!

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