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Space Blockade - Playable Arcade Game


Escape and Survive in the all new Space Blockade Arcade Game!

This playable arcade game allows you to take control of your very own escape pod as you dodge and weave between enemy ships, asteroids and other nasty space creatures in order to survive and escape the Space Blockade.

Sized and styled for playability and presence.

Features Include:

  • Scaled Arcade Cabinet approximately 30cm tall (11.8 inches)
  • Working joystick for controlling the escape pod
  • Customisable levels featuring various enemies on a rotating system for infinite looping of levels.
  • Unique insertable and recoverable Blockade Tokens

* Rotating level system has Power Functions potential.

If you would like your very own working and playable Lego Ideas Arcade Machine at home, please share and support this idea. Thank you!

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