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S.E.E. Support Unit.

S.E.E., (also known as Safety Enforcement Enterprises), has an adjacent company known also as S.E.E. wherein they're know as Security Enforcement Enterprises. While few units are dispersed throughout the present wasteland formerly known as the U.S.A., Few are all that's needed to keep the local hostilities in check.

This unit I Have assembled here is formed with: 1.) John Fenn, A hero of sorts, Known well for his extravagantly Long sword and love for whiskey. 2.) A sniper S.E.E. Soldier accompanied by a S.E.E. Rocketeer. 3.) A Heavy Bombardment Constructor accompanied by a Gunner Constructor and a Labor Constructor, (Constructors are fold up robots for off-site labor). 4.) NED, (Ninja Enforcement Droid), He doesn't talk much, though one can tell he loves slicing things and spinning. 5.) Dengranm Transport, Named after a hero who died delivering the schematics for this vehicle, Dengranm is the typical transport for all S.E.E. personnel. Anyone inside Dengranm"s rear stasis pods has their conscience forwarded to the onboard Constructors in the event of an emergency, however, this can also be done at will if the passengers deem it necessary.

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