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Snow-Blower Locomotive


The machine was designed by the German firm Beilhack and delivered to the Swiss Federal Railways.

Since 1982, it has been used to remove large quantities of snow, especially on Alpine lines like the Gotthard. It can cut snow walls up to 3.5 m high, and then eject snow to a distance of 40m. Three diesel engines are mounted in the vehicle, one for the drive, and one for each blower heads, with an output of 1,000 HP.

The support frame (holding the cabin, the engine compartment and the blower heads) is centrally hinged to the chassis frame (which is seated on two bogies) and can rotate by 180°, allowing to change the direction of travel.

The 1:38 scale model is faithful to the reality, with one motor for the traction, and a M-motor spinning the blower wheels.

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