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The Continental Comet


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The proposition that I wish to make is for a new passenger train to take the realistic rail lineup for the LEGO Brands. All lego trains are made in a similar scale to HO scale. What I am proposing as far as scale is an O guage train that is immensly large for the normal train, but is packed with detail, as I have posted in the description below, and in the array of images that I have included.

Please support, and take a look at the new Continental Comet!


Cruise the railways in my newest project, the Continental Comet ! 

  • Based on the real-world Amtrak P42 Genesis locomotive, the Comet locomotive features:
    • Realistic undercarriage and cow catcher with actual cables!
    • Magnetic couples on either end of the locomotive for easy connections to other cars!
    • Swivel open and removable cab covers allow for easy access to the engineer!
    • Movable windshield wipers!
    • Enough space within to allow the locomotive to be fitted with power functions!
    • Three opening rear doors which access the main engine compartment!
  • Modeled after the real-world Amfleet Phase II passenger cars, the Comet coach cars feature:
    • Removable roof and side panels for easy play!
    • Realistic interior with two restrooms, two trash cans, and crew only compartments!
    • Each seat is reclinable for your passengers' maximum comfort!
    • Restrooms include toilet, sink, and soap dispenser!
    • Trash cans can actually hold trash!
    • Realistic boarding doors with lowerable staircases!
      • Swivel open the entry door and swivel down the staircase to bring your passengers aboard!
    • Openable doors at either end of the interior so your passengers can move between cars! 


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