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MUSIC COWBOY (Movable Version)


Supplementary description


Some people may ask why the "Bull" color is silver, gray and white? Because the first impression of "pressure" is not pleasant, I did not use bright colors. The high-power audio equipment symbolizes "happiness", so the color will be more abundant (refer to the color of macaw feathers for matching).

This set will provide hair and skin parts in different colors for personalized matching. You can also use your imagination to match more different styles.

Movable display of the cowboy

Some details on the cowboy
The cowboy's upper body also uses some techniques. For example, the diagonal stripes of the coat collar can not affect the mobility of the body while giving consideration to the beauty.

The lower part of the body is featured by the cowboy, with the design of jeans tassels, cowboy boots and star spurs.

I believe this cowboy can stimulate your imagination and take many interesting photos. It can also interact with other character suits and MOC works.

I hope you like this work. Please vote for me. Thank you very much!

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