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MUSIC COWBOY (Movable Version)


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MUSIC COWBOY (movable version).

I like building blocks and playing the guitar (just beginner level). In addition, I also like a song, which describes the busy life of a cowboy. This cowboy is different from our impression. He is kind-hearted and only wears a fake cowhide coat; He only drinks milk. There are often "bad guys" challenging this cowboy, but he never flinched, and everyone likes him very much. The cowboy actively faces life and still keeps his innocence, kindness and happiness. The rhythm of this song is very light and clear. When I was young, it felt like a comedy. When I heard it when I grew up, I felt that the song described the daily life of each of us, that we were cowboys, and that those who challenged cowboys were like various pressures in life.
In my work, the mechanical bull represents our life pressures and challenges, while the guitar and singing represent our hobbies and life motivation.

Only one power source can control the three movements of the mechanical bull, namely, rotation, body tilt back and forth, and head and tail tilt back and forth.

The cowboy can move in up to 19 places, making it solid as a whole. In the limited height, it has achieved greater mobility, and can swing a variety of different actions such as smashing the ground.

This set will provide hair and skin parts in different colors for personalized matching. You can also use your imagination to match more different styles.

I hope you like this work. No matter where you are in the world, I hope you can actively face life and always remain pure, kind and happy! Do what you like and spread the happiness to the whole world.

Finally, I would like to thank my family, especially my daughter and son. I will always love you!

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