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Assembly Aircraft Company XA-113 Raven

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Hey lego fans! my name's TheKarlin and this my first project on cuusoo.

most of my work has at least a minor tie to the old lego universe mmog (RIP).
the story behind this particular aircraft is that it was built by the assembly- one of the four factions of the nexus force- as a long ranged experimental attack fighter to be used mostly by the paradox- another faction- to strike targets deep within the maelstrom.

the name itself comes from my love of a great poem by the same name.

armaments: 2 high velocity cruse missiles or 2 precision guided bombs with IRAM warheads. twin quadruple barrel fixed rotary energy cannons, 12 defensive mini-turrets, and most importantly the pilot's a woman. (danger factor increased by 200%!)

the forward sweep of the wings and 5 independent control surfaces on the tail provides maneuverability. four powerful engines give high speed to the mix.

or try our new sub-orbital version!

awesome side view, no?

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