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Steam Train Set


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Hi! This is a modified version my first Lego Ideas project. This is a small steam locomotive pulling a box car, livestock car and caboose. I designed this because I wanted a nice steam train from Legos that came with Power Functions. This may not be the prettiest steam train but I made it as small as possible with all of the Power Functions in the locomotive rather than stored in an extra car. I have a cow, horse, and 4 minifigures (cowboy, cowgirl, boy, and engineer)in the (hopefully) future set.

To those of you who were nice enough to look at my original Steam Train Set, there is now exploded (literlally) views of my train and cars so you can see where components are located. To those of you who questioned about the ball joint on the connecting rods, it was the best part I could find to attach the connecting rod to the wheels.  I rounded the boiler (thanks Prospector1!) and added minifigures. I couldn't detail the cow (possibly me just not doing it right). As leokimvideo says, "Trains don't have steering wheels, they have levers". Therefore, I chose this controller for the train although I am not totally sure if this will work. Lights aren't available in LDD the last time I checked. I need to adjust the coupler height to work with other trains. I'll look into rounding the boiler more if I can.

 The train has the battery compartment in the boiler and the IR receiver in the coal area. I also wanted connecting rods that moved on my train. I wanted a non-Christmas, Power Functions standard steam engine. I am open to suggestions for changes. I will try to check this at least once a week. Special thanks to Prospector1 for his/her suggestions on the previous release of my project. Thank you for looking at my set.


P.S. Keep an eye out for my Diesel Shunter Set;-)

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