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Catan: The Ultimate LEGO Adventure


Calling all Last-Minute Supporters!

With only X-minus 20 days,  Catan is expiring fast. Now's the time to rally together and get as many supporters as possible! There's still a chance to reach 5,000!


Thanks again to old and new supporters alike! Best of luck with your own projects and happy building  :)


Revamped Product Idea Images!

Yep, I entirely upgraded the entire selection of the project's images (and even added some new ones)! I hope this looks more clean and presentable than my old renderings. Be sure to check them out!

Thanks again Everyone for your support, feedback, and shares!


New Game Play Image... & Technical Game Rules Explained!

Hi Everyone!

Some of you have pointed out that one of the images don't have the pieces match-up perfectly, so I have rendered a new game-play image. Hopefully this clears some things up visually! I origionally had them spaced out so the game pieces could be seen better  :)


Also, here are expounded technical game rules that I beleive are important to mention for clarity:

  • Robber Rolled: The main difference is that you can "feel" the resource, so it is not "random". This is a slight differentiation from the actual game. But think about it. It's not only a "disadvantage"  to the person being robbed. You also get the advantage when you are robbing other players. It puts a new (and perfectly  fair) twist on the original game. I believe a LEGO Catan game should not be a perfect translation of official Catan into bricks, otherwise... what sets it apart from the actual board game? But it's also LEGO so that means you can customize it anyway you want! 


  • Development "Cards": How will it work if only one die is rolled for development cards? If you think about it, there are 5 main categories of development "cards" (Knight, Road Building, Monopoly, Year of Plenty, and what I call "Special Cards"). The Special Cards are different themes (like Palace or Library) but all are worth 1 victory point. Knight is more common, so it would take up 2 sides of a dice. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Special Cards would be micro builds of about 1-8 bricks of the described location, like the University or Chapel. Since they are all worth 1 victory point... you get to choose what you want! 


Thanks again Everyone for your support and feedback!  :)


1,100+ Amazing Supporters!

We have rapidly broken the 1,000 milestone... with even more LEGO and Catan fans continuing to support! Once again, great job to all you amazing supporters!

Let's keep sharing and make LEGO Catan a playable reality!


Catan... Selected as a Staff Pick!

I would like to give a big thank you to the LEGO Ideas Team for selecting Catan as a Staff Pick! A big thank you to everyone as well for helping this Catan project reach 990 Supports! We are so close to the second milestone, keep up the great work! This project wouldn't of come this far without your help.

A happy New Year to Everyone!


The Development Cards!

Hi Everyone!

This is the moment many of you have been waiting for... the Development "Cards". Just like with the Resource Cards, there are no "cards" but simply the resources themselves. This is the same concept for the Development "Cards". There are so many Development Cards that I cannot find the time to render them all, but here is my official example of my two top favorite: "Year of Plenty" and the "Knight".

You may be wondering: "So no cards, which means no card deck... how do we draw a random Development Object?" Great question! There will be a LEGO Game Dice with printed 2x2 tiles with an image of a Development "Card". You pay with resources, then roll to see what you get! I cannot find a LEGO Dice in my 3D building program, so I currently cannot render an image of it. If I get a physical one, I'll computer art the desings on it and post an update.

Thanks again Everyone for your amazing support! Keep up the good work :)


Longest Road & Largest Army!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for helping this Catan project to reach 600+ supports! I really appreciate all of your support, feedback, and encouragement :)

Here's the Longest Road and Largest Army (both in metallic gold). There's a total of 19 bricks in this update. The largest army minifigure was inspired by the LEGO Castle themed knights. The Development "Cards" will be coming soon.

Thanks again Everyone!


A Quick Note On The Resource/Storage Containers

Hi Everyone!

I forgot to mention that the purpose of the hinged Resource/Storage containers are to keep your resources secret from the other players. There are four of them in four different colors (one for each player): red, orange, white, and blue.

Thank you all for your support and feedback! I really appreciate it.

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