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Catan: The Ultimate LEGO Adventure


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Hi Everyone!

After a long voyage you have finally arrived at the Island of Catan. However, you aren't the only one who discovers this new land... there are other players who want to settle Catan as well. Using your five resources you must trade, build, and settle to gain victory points. Whoever gains ten victory points wins the game! This 30-60 minute strategy game is easy to learn and fun to play!

This project is based off the board game "Catan" by Klaus Teuber... but of course with a LEGO twist. I believe that if Catan is made into an official LEGO set, it should be more than a board game converted into LEGO bricks. So I decided to create my version in minifigure scale with 3D landscapes and many other unique features that even non-LEGO fans may enjoy.

Main features include:

  • Minfigure scale with Robber and four other minifigures
  • Everything is built in 3D
  • Interlocking terrian sections
  • Harbors can be placed almost anywhere
  • Arrows help point to where settlements and cities can be placed (see images)
  • Easily removable number tiles 
  • No cards... just the resources themselves!
  • Built to be easily customised

The only changes to the game rules apply to the development cards. Instead of development cards you have to roll dice with printed tiles to see what you get... and then grab a tile or a brick built version of that card (for example, a minifigure knight for the knight card). Also, the largest army gets a gold knight minifigure, longest road gets a gold road peice... you get the idea. I'll post these in an update.

This project idea also includes the Robber as a minifigure, and four other minifigures (one for each player). I currently have them all the same (except the Robber), but if this does get made into a LEGO set I recommend having four minifigures from different themes to add interest. In fact, I can also see LEGO fans using their favorite minifigures in the game :)

Thanks for checking out my project! Please support and feel free to ask me any questions!


Number of bricks (excluding development card subsitutes): 2,546 bricks (project will not exceed 2,700 bricks total)

  • Terrian Sections: 115 bricks (average) x 19 = 2,185 bricks
  • Harbor Sections: 9 bricks x 9 = 81 bricks
  • Resources: 95 bricks
  • Cities 4 bricks x 16 = 64 bricks
  • Settlements: 2 bricks x 20 = 40 bricks
  • Roads: 2 bricks x 60 = 120 bricks
  • Storage Containers: 4 bricks x 4 = 16 bricks
  • Minifigs: 26 bricks total
  • Dice: 7 bricks x 2 = 14


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