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Experiencing Fly


Mike is a boy who likes airplane and flying, he dreams to be a pilot someday. One day, his parents took him to an airshow. They got a chance to fly with the pilot in an aerobatic airplane. Mike was very excited. His Mom took a lot of pictures for him. He got in to the plane, and fastened the safety belt, and took off. Wow! The plane flew a bunch of stunts, that was impressive! But after landing, Oh my! Mike was dizzy and vomitting! Would he still head to be a pilot?

This set may be the subsection of the Air Show or be an individual set. It inclueds one variable wing aircraft, a ladder, and four mini figures.

The airplane is a variable wing airplane, the wings can sweep back 50 degrees. The elevators, flaps, spoiler and toggle arrestor hook can move as well. Engines as independent parts can be removed from the airplane, and won't mars the integrality of whole airplane.

Four mini figures are one pilot, Mike, Mike's Mom, Mike's Dad.

The airplane consist 396 bricks with out mini figures.

If you want to know more about Air Show set, please see my previous project "Air Show".

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