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Medieval Market

I created this Medieval Market with an inspiration of life in the Middle ages. Think this work will get along well with a knight set that has just launched out or with ones you’ve already own. 
I wanted the store to look like a busy one-stop store where everyone in town comes shop. Agricultural products and fresh meats are sold on the front, together with a food shelf that full with fresh baked breads and drinks in a little corner of the store behind a tableware stall.
When you pass through a stone arch doorway, on the left side, you will find shelves with a lot of exotic goods from faraway lands which are either edible or incredibly-useless-but-cute, while on the right side is a staff’s ladder which leads to the second floor. Next to the ladder are shelves full with jars of mysterious liquids.Those jars are sold through the window bar for grab-and-go customers. Jars and goods that are stored above can be reached by a wooden step ladder in the store.
The second floor is where they store and prepare their products for sell. Once a product on a shelf has run out, the male staff will use the metal chain that linked between the second floor’s balcony and the ground floor as a conveyor belt to send more products down.
On the back side of the store, I created a terrace to the back door for both workers and shippers and put a small window for light to enter the inside. I tried to cover every details of the work to make it as perfect as possible.
Hope you all like it
Would be honored, if you would vote for my work

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