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LEGO Godzilla Strikes Back!!!

This is my re-submission of my custom Godzilla MOC, with the appearance mainly being based on his portrayals from the more recent Legendary Pictures "Godzilla" movies, such as "Godzilla: King of the Monsters", and "Godzilla vs. Kong", as well as the upcoming “Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire” movie. I chose to build this model mainly because of my increased interest in the monster over the past few years. I was really blown away by the new looks and appearances of Godzilla in these more recent films. I thought that this new look would translate well into LEGO. I believe that this model would make a great LEGO set is because I believe that, with new varying pieces of Godzilla media sprouting left and right, I would be led to believe that many people would be hyped and more invested in Godzilla, and I would want nothing more than to see people have their own buildable Godzilla on hand to play and display with. I know that with growing popularity, more and more Godzilla media pieces will eventually be made in the future, so the hype will most likely linger on for years ahead. I believe that the most famous toy company in the world would want to sell a model like this for both younger and older clientele. I can only imagine what you guys at LEGO would improve on with the model, as well. It would be a dream of mine to witness how you guys would be able to design your version of this model with the LEGO pieces at your disposal. I see this as an opportunity for LEGO ideas given this specific idea and realm is one that LEGO hasn't touched on before, designing and building a Godzilla model that feels organic and realistic. I can look ahead and see the potential for this model's success in the market of kid and adult fans, targeting both markets. With that being said, thank you for giving me this opportunity to make this model, and giving me a platform to showcase my praise for Godzilla and your toy company. I hope LEGO gives me a second chance with making this Idea a reality in hopefully making it an official LEGO set. Thank you!!!

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