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The Pirate Wreckers of False Lighthouse Cove


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Ahoy there me hearties!
Do not trust every light you see across dark stormy seas.
For if you chance upon the False Light, you'll be lured to dangerous shores.
And your ship, and your crew, will vanish into LEGO Pirate lore!

The Pirate Wreckers of False Lighthouse Cove flourished during the Golden Age of Piracy.  By skilfully shining their false light, they lured passing ships to wreck upon their treacherous coastline.  Under the cover of darkness, the pirates would then salvage the precious cargo.  Hundreds of vessels navigating the Caribbean trade route, simply disappeared into the night.

Surviving accounts from the cove are rare, as the stranded passengers and crew would usually assimilate into this secretive pirate community.  As a consequence, the exact location of False Lighthouse Cove remains a mystery to this very day!

I have recreated the legend in LEGO, based upon the journal records of the only known ship to have escaped the notorious clutch power of False Lighthouse Cove.


Crucial to the whole operation was the lighthouse tower.  Featuring a LEGO Light Brick, and a supply of strategically placed cannons, the pirate wreckers were well equipped to run aground passing ships.  The tower stood next to the Old Pirate Hulk, and together they created the illusion of a safe port.  The tower was entangled with jungle vegetation, which helped conceal the guns from approaching ships.


The official headquarters, and home to the pirate captain, "Golden Peg".  He ruled False Lighthouse Cove from his old pirate hulk.  He was a familiar sight walking the decks with his pure gold peg leg.  Recreated in modular format for practical pirate playability, the Old Pirate Hulk includes such wonders as:

  • The Secret Treasure Chamber   
  • The Pirate Prison   
  • Golden Peg's Bedroom   
  • The Captain's Bridge and Map Room   
  • The Pirate Galley and Chicken Hut   

For history buffs, the pirate hulk is believed to have been an old Dutch trading vessel, that shipwrecked in the cove sometime around 1640.

RECEPTION ROCK   "Good Old 88"

According to legend, all eighty-eight of the hazardous sea rocks in the cove were individually named by the pirates, sometimes after a famous vessel they had grounded.  If your ship was fortunate enough to have missed the first eighty-seven, you would be stopped abruptly by "Reception Rock", affectionally known as "Good Old 88".

Reception Rock had a small lookout erected on top, and was accessible from the beach by a narrow boardwalk.  Look carefully, and you might spot Golden Peg scanning the horizon for passing ships.

If you like the LEGO Pirate Wreckers of False Lighthouse Cove, please cast away your support, and give Golden Peg ashore chance, of salvaging his foundering maritime reputation!  And what of me?  Well, I'll be running aground with appreciation!



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