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M.R. S.A.M.(Multi-purpose Reverse-jointed Special or Assault Mecha)

While Exo-Force was a step in the right direction, most LEGO mecha lines aren't up to snuff. With their bright colors, and rather simple designs, Exo-Force was more marketed to young children. I'm looking to change that with this mecha design. I wanted to make it look less cartoonish, and more believable, adding as many details as I could. I think I acheived that, and hope to make more of these type mechas in the future.

Features of MR-SAM:
-High detail
-Great posability
-Leg joints move in various places
-Valuable parts (e.g. parts everyone needs more of)

Hope you like it--if you do, why not support it?

Leg detail. Bends at ankle, knee, 2nd knee, hip.

Back detail, sporting "boosters." Notice the pearl gold piece in the "hydralic."

Name is still being worked out. MR SAM is temporary.

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