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Campfire Theatre

This is a simple version of a campfire theatre. I have been to various retreat sites with campfire theatres over years since I was a youth in California. Those places always give me wonderful memories. Having a performance or a gathering over a warm camp fire with friends is priceless, especially during the cold and dark of the night out in nature. We often have a very full day of fun activities and the campfire theatre is the last event to conclude a meaningful day. Usually we would sing many songs or share stories until the fire went out. We would fully embrace the warmth of the fire that provides both light and heat. I particularly would love to see the glowing and reflection of the fire upon friends' faces and everyone would bring their late night snacks to cook using the heat. We like to sit or lay down around the fire and gaze up at the great outdoors, the tall redwood trees and counting the stars or waiting to hope to spot a falling star.

This building features a campfire in the center which can actually light up. It has standard LEGO lighting brick underneath which can be switched on by pressing a bar at the back of the stage.
A few mini-figurines and a dog are included to show the theatre in an actual action. A guitar, a coffee mug, a frying pan and a stick for the dog or stir the fire or perhaps for some sweet marsh mellows are included as well. This particular building can easily fits 20+ mini-figurines in the seating area. But allow room for expansion and to make the stage more elegant for user since usual actual campfire theatre equipped with more rows and fit hundreds of people in the real world.

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