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Amtrak Capitol Limited Locomotive

This is a replica of the Amtrak train, the Capitol Limited, hauled by an EMD F40PH locomotive. The train consisted of the F40PH locomotive hauling one of the coaches. The F40 is a cowl-bodied, four axle locomotive and it hailed from Amtrak, hauling passenger trains. These types of engines were also used on VIA Rail hauling passenger trains too, for example, the Canadian.

I did this 1349 piece project because I always love making trains out of LEGO and I am a huge fan of LEGO. This project will inspire railroaders young, and old the grand time of seeing an Amtrak train model.

The F40PH locomotive and coach would be a great set because I believe that fans of LEGO, Amtrak, and trains would get the inspiration of using their imaginations to think up a good way to spend a train trip to faraway places.

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