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Gravity Falls - The Mystery Shack

This set was made in collaboration with user @GreatestTenaciousFlag, who has provided explicit permission to use any and all of his work on the project.

Introducing the LEGO Ideas Mystery Shack from Gravity Falls! The set consists of 1670 pieces, features 4 unique rooms, and comes with 7 iconic characters!

  • Meet Mystery Twins Dipper and Mabel Pines! Help Dipper find Journal 3 and use it to uncover the strange anomalies going on in Gravity Falls!

  • Explore the oddities of Oregon's most famous tourist trap, the Mystery Shack! Meet Mr. Mystery himself and stare in amazement at attractions such as the Jackalope!

  • Work the Gift shop with Wendy and sell merchandise at ridiculously unreasonable prices! No refunds!

  • Watch the season finale of Duck-tective in the living room with Grunkle Stan and Mabel!

  • Protect the town of Gravity Falls from Bill Cipher and prevent Weirdmageddon!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go solve the mysteries of Gravity Falls together!

We need 10,000 supporters for this set to be considered for production, so please consider supporting and sharing on social media using #LegoGravityFalls!

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