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Modular Museum


 Welcome to the Theatrical Arts/Museum Building!

 This was a fun building to create. It is built in modular-style and thus has different levels which can be removed to see inside.

 On the first level is the wax museum. In it, there are four wax figures; one of Abraham Lincoln, one of a Knight, Statue of Liberty, and the Lone Ranger (or just a generic cowboy). Beside each statue is a sign. On the other side, a clay (well, actually plastic) statue sits near the window. A bookcase holds books, a golden ring, a lamp, and a golden crystal.

 Now we move on to the next level. This was particularly fun to build, especially since I like acting. This is the Theatrical Arts room. In the back, there is a wigs/makeup/costume room. This room is separated from the main room by a wall. Four seats allow minifigs to view the actors in comfort. The curtain opens outward.

 Now to the outside of the building. In the bell tower is a bell which moves back and forth when you turn one of the clocks. Above each of the clocks, lights highlight the tower.

 The front of the building has many detailing parts, used to make the colors continuous and to make the shape of the building flow better. In front of one of the windows is a flower bed.

 Thanks for looking! Please support and share with friends. If you supported, please comment. If you did not support, then please explain why you did not in a comment. Every bit of constructive criticism helps. Brick on!

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