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Interstellar Explorer LL-997 - 40th Anniversary Classic Space


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This set consists of a large space ship that carries a mobile lab and base and a satellite launch vehicle. The ship is designed for interstellar flight and long voyages of adventure and discovery. The set also includes a freakishly posable exoskin / waldo unit for servicing the ship when it's on the ground.

The comic book in the images tells the story of the adventure, and the diagrams at the end show the many, many many playable features of this set.

About the Interstellar Explorer LL-992 Space Ship:    

  • Rotating superluminal antimatter engines
  • Retractable landing gear with spring-lock mechanism
  • Trigger-actuated laser harpoons
  • Cargo bays for Satellite Launch vehicle and Mobile Lab (features below)
  • Cockpit escape vehicle
  • Push-button release for mobile lab
  • Access hatch for crystal antimatter containment lattice
  • Retractable handle for lifting vehicle (and h.o.g. swooshability)
  • Thruster maintenance hatch

Satellite launch vehicle:

  • Articulating launch cradle
  • Satellite with extendable detector arms
  • Rocket

Lab / Mobile Base

  • Swivel chair and folding HUD
  • Emergency O2 and Hydrogen tanks
  • Sample storage bay
  • boarding ramp
  • antimatter suspension chamber


  • Posable, balanced
  • Jet pack


  •  Captain Bob Photon
  •  Lt. Dot Lonsdottir. - Exospecialist
  •  Sgt. Barnacles - Old salty Space Dog
  •  Baxter - Artificial Human

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