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Interstellar Explorer LL-997 - 40th Anniversary Classic Space


Escape ship redesign

I always wanted the little ship that flies out the front to have folding wings - took a while to engineer it. Pics attached.


600 votes and counting!

Dear all;

Nice to hear from so many Space Lego fans, and I'm excited to see the interest this submission has generated. 

Please share LL-997 on social media! It's a long, long haul to 10K!


Johan Brickhead



On Display at Vancouver BC Lego Store

This model will be on display in the Vancouver Lego store soon! I'm in contact with the manager over there who's super enthusiastic about having it to promote the Ideas sets, the Lego Movie 2, Benny...Hopefully there will be enough foot traffic to help with the support numbers. I'll have a little flier printed out that people can snap a photo of with their cell phones. We'll see...fingers crossed...

Edit: They only have one display window for fan models and it's booked for the next year or so. However, after that it's possible...