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Lego Magic Set


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Do you like Lego? What about magic? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then this is the project for you!

As a Lego enthusiast, I've always found that Lego models that can do something unique are a lot more appealing than just decorative ones. As a kid, I always used to get magic sets, which is what sparked my interest in magic. In the Lego Magic Set, I tried to recreate those classic tricks I remember having when I was younger. Currently, the set has 10 unique magic tricks, with plenty of room for customization. As a magician, I understand the importance of being familiar with the props you work with. Because you literally build the tricks in this set, it provides the opportunity to see how the tricks function, which definitely helps when performing the tricks. For the most part, this set is aimed towards kids who want to get into magic. However, the construction of the tricks is such that anyone could have a good time building and performing the effects. I have released this project in the past, but sadly, it didn't receive enough supporters and expired. That being said, I've revamped the entire set, making digital models, redesigning the effects, and filming another video demonstrating the updated effects. I've created all of the models on, so building instructions are now available for the entire set. As time goes on, I plan to continue to improve the set, maybe even add new tricks, posting updates as I do. I'm open to feedback, so leave a comment telling me what you think of the project. With your support, we can make Lego a little more magical!


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