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Botanical Set Two

A collection of assorted flowers, inspired by a lily, daffodil, holly, hyacinth and more. The botanical range is a new range of plant-themed LEGO products. A 2nd bunch with different flowers is inevitable!

I have tried to create a good blend of colours, specifically colours that we don't see much of in the current set, and also a good blend of unique shapes and flowers. Some flowers are more intricate, and some are more simple, but all of them have a great attention to detail to ensure they really embody the appearance of the real-life version.

Spare pieces are also included, if you want to customise by adding more petals, berries or flowers. You can also easily change up the appearance, by swapping the tulip centres around, or using your own collection of leaves or tiny 1x1 flower studs to change up the colour of the hyacinth or allium.

Features (from left to right): holly, orchid, two daffodils, lily, orchid, hyacinth, allium, cosmos.

Two thousand supporters - we are 20% of the way there! I am really grateful to everyone who has supported and commented, thank you.

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