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Lego Ocean Liner


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Let’s go cruising!

Lego builders are a buoyant bunch, so when it’s time to take a break from the bricks, why not board the Lego Ocean Liner?

Living in the port city of Fremantle, on the coast of Western Australia, I have seen many great ocean liners dock in our friendly harbour.  Inspired by these magnificent ships, I reached for the bricks, and created the Lego Ocean Liner.  The design of the Lego Ocean Liner is based upon the best features of these many ships.

The Lego Ocean Liner has a capacity of 2000 bricks.  From bow to stern it measures 65cm.  The beam is a comfortable 13cm.  It is built in a similar scale to the Lego Tower Bridge 10214, and Maersk Line Container Ship 10155.  All you have to supply is the ocean.

Passengers can enjoy its many features which include:

  • Swimming pool with slide
  • Comfortable deck chairs
  • Discreet wheels for land cruising
  • Outdoor cinema for Lego Movies
  • Five resident dolphins for bow riding
  • Private cabins with ocean views
  • Indoor fountain and Botanical Room.

The Lego Ocean Liner is equipped with a detailed Captain’s Bridge, and plenty of fancy communication domes for world navigation.  Lifeboats are included for those unexpected adventures.

Dock It or Rock It!

The Lego Ocean Liner is designed for both busy captains, and relaxed passengers.  By attaching the discreet wheels, aspiring captains can chart a course from their display cabinet, to any destination on their bedroom floor.  You could even stretch your sea legs, for an around the house voyage!  If that’s pushing it a bit too far, relax and enjoy the Lego Ocean Liner.  It looks great anchored to any piece of household furniture.

Passenger Testimonial

The Lego Ocean Liner captures the realism of a Creator Expert model, yet still encourages the playability we relish from the Lego City range.

            Isobel - Kitchen via The Hallway Passage, 2018 Voyage -

The Shipyard Experience

The Lego Ocean Liner is a satisfying build, as you watch its elegant lines rise gracefully above the hull.  Once completed it will feel sturdy in your hands, and competent enough to chart a course through the roughest of seas.  The building experience is reminiscent of the halcyon days of Lego ship construction. Inspired ship builders can even dry dock the Lego Ocean Liner, for an imaginative refit using their existing Lego collection.

Ramping It Up!

With enough support it might one day launch on its maiden voyage around the world!  So, if you like the concept of the Lego Ocean Liner, please get on board.  Your support would be greatly appreciated, and maybe your ship will come in!

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