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Classic Train Station


Often ask


I was often asked about a bridge connecting the platforms.

The platforms are modular. Expanded the station as you like.

I don´t like the bridge, cause it´s destroying the aesthetics. But many of you love this play feature. So here it is ;-)


Sorry I´m late

Now I can add updates again.

"Season’s greetings

The days getting shorter and darker. It´s cold outside. Rain starting to freeze.

And when the morning comes. Everything turns into a winter wonderland.


Happy holiday’s :-D"


Winter is coming

stay tuned for a snowy winter update


1000 Supporters Special

Hello Lego Train Fans,


Thanks for 1k supporters. I want do something special for you.

These renders show over 23,000 pcs of train fun. And causes several crashes of LDD and 2.0. Rendering time over one hour.

In my opinion, I told everything about this station. If you have any questions, write a comment.




I´m so sorry. Just had no time for an update.

First thank you for 700+ supporters.

The platform is modular. You can add various of platform elements. Create stairs, benches or ticket machines for more play fun. Enlarge the Station with tracks or built a terminus.


500+ Thank you

Here som renders:

With german ICE-Train 1 and swiss Intercity


400+ Supportes

Thank you for supporting.

I have a new idea. The Airport Shuttle (6399) becomes 30. So I created an anniversary set. What could the shuttle looks like nowadays? What happens in 30 years of service?

Unfortunately ideas say it´s too close to the original set. So I can´t upload it in ideas. Maybe I´ll upload it in rebrickable. Enjoy the pictures:


Trains for this Station

First off all. Thanks for 350+ Supporters. I had many thinks to do, so now I can add an update.

What is a Station without trains?

There are several trains fit to this building.


BR 218 Regional Express

BR 103 with red Intercity cars

RE 460 with Intercity doubledecker cars


200+ Supporters update

First off all thank you for 200+ supporters.

I talked about a clock. The clock is from the big Big Ben hänging in the main hall.

A classic station layout with  one main hall and two wings. The roof is splitted in 3 Modules


Thank you

Wow. So many suppoerters in this schort time. Thank you all.


I dont know what happens to ideas but the cut the picture uploade to 15 pics.

I talked about lightbricks. My former idea was light up with 4 yellow bricks. Guess what. this idea is also ready for lightbriks. But i can´t built them in because of the part minimum of 3000 bricks :,-(

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