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Classic Train Station


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This is a re-entry of my “Grand Station”. I do some optimization of the roof and building. The halls getting smaller and I added more details. So the idea stays under 3000 bricks.

This train station is a mixture between fictional and a real Station. Model is the old “Baden-Baden” main station. It´s one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

My model based on 2 48x48 ground plates.

Open the impressive doors and enter the huge main building. Admire the beautiful golden Clock (known from the big “Big Ben”) or look at the 2 destination boards. At the floor you discover the Lego Railway sign.

Your train is running late? No problem.

You can complain at the Ticket and Info-Point. Otherwise you can shop flowers for your beloved ones or look at worker repairing the floor. If you aren´t hungry buy a book, map or newspaper at the “book and paper” store. Also included benches, beverages, toilets and lockers.

Now it´s time to catch the train.

Move to the platform and buy a trip at the ticket machine. Platform is built modular and includes benches, ticket machines, trash cans, clock and a digital destination board.

Minifigures with accessories: stationmaster, janitor, 2 railway company employees, book dealer, elderly couple, young couple with baby, family with 2 kids and 3 travellers.

The Station can be light up with 4 lightbricks


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