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Modular Bank


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Have too much cash in your pocket? Or do you need some out of your account? Come to the Modular Bank! If your a businessperson, you can use one of the four offices on the second and third floors! Built as a 1940s-style building (consistent with the rest of the Modular Building Series), this detailed bank is full of classic features. On the brown and tan tiled first floor, you'll see a teller's desk with bars and glass, table with deposit slips on tiny shelves, a clock hanging high on the side wall, '40s-style telephone, opening door to behind the counter, opening cabinets, desks, stairs leading to the next floor, and opening circular safe full of gold bars, coins, and a box with diamonds. On the removable second and third floors, we have lamps in the hall and guardrails on the staircases; in each of the four offices, there are windowed doors, air conditioning, windows, bookshelves, desks, lamps, clocks, and office chairs all on a maroon carpet. Finally, as you head to the removable roof, you'll open the door to access the A/C units, or perhaps use the fire escape. But you may not need to go all the way up in case of fire, because there are emergency exit doors on each floor of the building.

So, as you can see, this is the perfectly secure place to conduct all of your monetary business. Uh, except maybe for the fact that somehow that crook broke in and stole a diamond and some coins...but don't worry, a policeman happens to be nearby to make the arrest. Along with those two minifigures, you also have a banker in a '40s-style banker outfit, woman, and businessman, superb detailing inside and out, the modular building classic lamppost, tree, stop sign, unusual brick-built lettering, and much more. This is the perfect building to complete your Modular collection!

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