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Winter farm


In the countryside life never stops, not even in winter when it's freezing cold!

Winter farm set contains four buildings:

  1. a rabbit hutch
  2. a Pig pen
  3. a chicken hutch
  4. and the barn for horses and sheep.

it also includes some more accessories like an ox with a plough and a little Snow fort for snowball fighting.

it comes with 10 exclusive  farmer minifigures with scarfs, gloves, coats and caps.(Not to get cold)
and 14 animals (an ox three rabbits three sheep two pigs three chicken a horse and a cat.)
Each building has it's own minifigure 

Just because they have to work it doesn't mean that they don't like Christmas. they decorated the whole farm.

On each building there is some festive decoration such as Christmas lights  or wreath.

About the main building the barn:

it has two levels:

  • On the first level there is a horse and the sheep stable a shelf full of useful stuff (camera, tennis racket, two trumpets, two old bags, a scoop, an oil can, a Fire extinguisher, a trophy a stack of old newspapers and a fragile box.) next to the shelf you can find an old hoover and a red lawnmower. Next to the horse stable there is a saddle holder and a brush. Next to the wall are standing some garden tools. At the top some lumbers hold the building.
  • The second floor the attic. with some really old objects like a gramophone with a bunch of old discs, an old fashioned television a stack of old letters a camera with cassettes and a chest with christmas decoration. At The back you can find Large stack of hay(to keep the animals warm in winter)

you can slide out the attic Easily without removing any parts. The roof is also removable.

The other small buildings:

rabbit Hutch can be taken apart in to three pieces, and the chicken hutch has an openable roof.

This set shows the life in a farm in winter, and it also includes Christmas spirit.

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