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One Door Closes And A New One Opens!

Hey! Sorry this is a short update but I wanted to do one more before this project expires. First I would like to thank all 84 supporters for taking your time to vote! Clash of Clans had a good run and these 60 days have been so much fun! In these 60 days I have learned so much about ideas and creating projects! Once again thank you all for your support and I would also like to say this is not the end for Clash of Clans based sets! Hopefully in the future I will revise this set and resubmit it! If you have enjoyed this project pleas check out my other one, Lego Puzzle Cube. Thank you and good luck!



LPC is coming to ideas!

The time has come! First I would like to thank all of the Clash of Clans supporters for getting us so far. I would like to thank two people in particular. The two people are qwakoo and SmileyGuy. These two have been very active in the comments, brought lots of new supporters, and been extremely helpful and encouraging. One last time, I would like to give it up to qwakoo and SmileyGuy!


Now it is time for the big reveal. You are actually getting an exclusive look at LPC because it has been submitted today but it will not be airing ideas till tomorrow or the next day depending on how busy the moderators are. In the past you have always known it as its code name LPC but now I have released the finale name for it. This next project is named Lego Puzzle Cube.


The following words from now till the next paragraph are taken from the project description: This project consists of two cubes, one hard 4x4 cube and one easy 3x3 cube. You must disassemble one cube to build the other. The main measurement of this project is the unit. Each unit is a smaller cube which is exactly two studs or five plates tall, wide, and long. Groups of units are attached or connected together to form puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are then attached or connected to each other to form the main cube. There are 64 units in the 4x4 cube and 27 units in the 3x3 cube. This project also includes two display bases, one square base and one triangle base. The triangle base is compatible with both cubes but the square base is only compatible with the 4x4 cube.


I hope you enjoy this next project! Even though I will now have two projects I will still try to be as active as I can on this one. I am also very exited because hopefully this next project will a bring more support to the current one. For anybody (I’m talking about you catsnbears) who has read my last update and is very exited to hear the story of how I found ideas, I think you will be interested to know that I will also release that update on my next project when it hits 100 even if it hits the milestone before this one!


Please help spread the word about this project. And please push that big blue button that has support on it and it would help a lot. If you would like to be featured in my next update like qwakoo and SmileyGuy it is easy. You just need to be active in the comments, tell people about this project, and be supportive. If you don’t want to be very active on the next project please help just for the first few day while it is on the discover list. When this project is accepted I will put a link in this update so you can easily access Lego Puzzle Cube. Thank you for all your help and support. I want you to know you are indeed making my Lego dreams come true!




P.S. I have noticed recently that we have had comments that have hit up to eleven replies. I Just want to say it looks kind of bad so I am going to start a special comment for that kind of conversation.


P.S. I was only able to do a spelling check on this update but not a grammar so excuse me if is isn’t the most correct update.



Help and thank you!

	Hey guys I now this is early for an update but I want to share some info about the project
 As you know this is my first Lego ideas project and you might have noticed in my bio that my goal
 is to be the youngest 10K club member. I now it is a long shot but it could happen. You might 
also noticed that so far I don't have a large amount of followers. I know I only joined about two
 weeks ago and I shouldn’t have expected to have many. Anyway, I need your help to get to 10K.
 Without the help of the community it won't happen. So I need your support. Please share this
 project with your friends and family. I am personally not involved in any Lego forums or blogs.
 I am also not involved in any social media because I am only a young TFOL. Please if you could 
just help spread the word it would help a LOT!

	Thank you in advance for your help and support. If you like this project please support,
 follow, or comment. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will try 
reply as often as I can. Really! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

	On other matters I have six more projects that I will be trying to submit as fast as 
can render the models. I believe most of you now how long that takes! I hope to be sending them
 in every few weeks and I will try to make as many updates as I can in the feature. If 
The project gets supporters fast I am thinking of making a behind the scenes video or updating my
 pictures with real Lego models. I don't now what to do yet but it will be good.

	Again thank you for your support and following. Also thank you for making my Lego 
dreams come true. It means a lot to the new and small builders.

	I would also like to thank my loyal thumb drive for transferring the files of three 
different computers, RobenAnne for his great and encouraging example and Last but not least
 my amazing stuffed animal Digger for emotional support!

	I will soon be releasing my second model witch currently does not have a name yet 
except for its code name “LPC”. I am very exited for this one because hopefully with my V1.0 
witch is made out of real bricks) I can record a real video explaining the project.


P.S. If I reach one-hundred supporters before the sixty days run out I will release a second
 update explaining the interesting story of how I found Lego ideas!