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The Sky Pirate Chase

This is my recreation of the scene of Ninjago season 6 when Nadakhan the Djinn is taking parts of ninjago to recreate his homeland Djinjago. There are 4 minifigures:

Skybound Lloyd

Skybound Jay

Two Sky pirates.                                            

The side builds are two sky pirate mini planes

The main build are 3 pieces of Ninjago being taken from the city

I think this would make a great LEGO Ideas set because it has minifigures that Ninjago fans like myself have been wanting for a very long time but never got in Ninjago legacy for an example legacy kai, Kai dosen’t use his legacy suit during season 1– 5 even though he could have probably gotten a few different suits

I built this set because I would love to see my own lego set on shelves at a lego store

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