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Spirited Away - The Sixth Station

Spirited Away is one of the most beloved and recognized animation of all time, and the train scene reaches a degree of perfection which inspired me to recreate it, as my first project, in LEGO form.

The train with the submerged tracks is recreated including both carriages, which are kept together by two magnets. To guarantee the best playability, both carriages are easily accessible removing the top and one of the sides. In addition, it is possible to lift just a small part of the top to look from above the central seats (where Chihiro and No-Face sits in the movie)

I included a black nameplate with the base, listing the dimensions of the train:
Width: 7.7 cm
Length: 84.0 cm
Height: 11.8 cm

The minifigures are:
  • Chihiro (Sen)
  • No-Face
  • Faceless train conductor
  • Faceless male passenger
  • Faceless female passenger

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