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Classic Two Player Arcade Racer With Ludicrous Mode


Welcome to the 80’s era of classic arcade games. This multiplayer game allows two players to challenge each other in both normal speed and a special ludicrous mode. Players use their steering wheel to move their racer left and right on the racing track. A motorized track moves under the racers, and you have to make sure you avoid the obstacles.

Bored of normal speed? Time to step it up! Using the speed changer, you can switch to... ludicrous mode. Twice the speed for twice the excitement. But can you dodge the obstacles at this speed? Only time will tell!

It’s a completely modular build - the internals of the structure slide nicely into the arcade housing, complete with a single motor and easy to access start and stop levers.

Over 50 hours of time and innovation have gone into this design which we hope you’ll like and support!

This idea is a collaboration between BricksDownUnder (aka us) and and You guys are awesome, and we're glad to be a team!

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