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Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

A throwback to an iconic and legendary master artist Bob Ross, in a colorful diorama of his whimsical artwork and talent!

I originally created this vignette in February 2020 as sort of a little throwaway picture for Instagram, but due to popularity on Reddit, I decided to submit this an Ideas set for potential retail. This set would contain the Bob Ross figurine, along with his art accessories such as his brush, palette, paint, and of course easel with customizable canvas painting.

Although the canvas painting in the primary image is a generic outdoor scene, in a potential mass retail version of this set, the canvas will be blank and 100% customizable to the user. The retail set would also feature tons of extra small LEGO tiles (both regular and curved) so that you're free to design your own custom painting – and truly express your artistic talents! In fact, the retail version of the canvas could even be significantly larger, so that the user could have more canvas space for greater design details. I believe the ability for the user to create their own paintings in this set would be a focal selling point.

The Bob Ross figurine was made articulated with ball and socket joints, as I originally intended to use him in a stop-motion animation video as a puppet character; this is also why his mouth is movable. In this case, his mass retail version may be altered to less articulated or perhaps streamlined to be smaller and simpler. His overall design may also be greatly improved from my original design concept. His paintbrush could also contain multiple attachments aside from the current brush tip in the photos, and maybe his palette would use different pieces in the final version. Currently I just used a small bucket, but the final version could have a larger and more sophisticated water bucket attached to the easel, along with the paint cans.

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