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Lego Engineering Jobs Project


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I have always wanted to be an engineer so I thought why not make a project about engineers?


And well that's is exactly what I did with my most favorite project I've done so far. Enough talking and let's hop into the project.

My first build is the Petroleum Engineer which work in the exploration, recovery, development and processing of oil and gas. Petro. Engineers are involved in such things as determining the best location for drilling new wells, operating oil and gas facilities (which is by the way is where I got the idea for an oil rig and minifig) and monitoring and forecasting reservoir performance. The oil rig has the control area, the landing pad with airplane, areas where excess oil burns off, the actual oil driller.

Environmental Engineers: develop feasible solutions to problems affecting the welfare of humans and nature. They work to prevent pollution, and hazardous waste disposal. Enviro. engineers also work to clean up contaminated soil, water and air. I got the idea for Enviro. engineer by adding a solar panel with the storage for the energy.

Last but not least, Software Engineers: are trained for the specification, design, development and maintenance of software systems and products. Software engineers apply both principles of engineering and computer science in the design of large scale and embedded software control systems. For the Software Engineer I choose to what I think would be software engineers desk. The desk includes a coffee or hot cocoa machine, a retro radio a computer screen, a secondary screen, a lamp, keyboard, mouse and a lamp.



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~Adamantium0107 (Legomania0107)



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