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LEGO Mystery Science Theater 3000


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      In the not-too-distant future, next Sunday A.D... there could be a LEGO set based on one of the most iconic TV shows of all time! Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K for short, is a show about a guy who gets shot into space by mad scientists and is forced to watch the worst movies of all time. He and his robot friends, Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, Gypsy, and Cam-bot, make fun of the movie as it plays and perform comedy skits in-between the film to keep their sanity. The show went through numerous changes, with the main host changing from Joel to Mike, the Mads and robot's voices changing, even the entire sets changing. By the time the show ended in 1999, the entire cast was completely different from when it first began in 1989. Now, with a revival planned for release in late 2016, with a whole new cast and crew, there has never been a better time to commemorate! 

       Included in the set would be both of the show's unwilling hosts, Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson! Of course, all of the 'Bots from the show would be included as well: Cam-Bot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow! Every one of the Mads would be included in their locations as well; including Dr. Erhardt, TV's Frank, Professor Bobo, Brain Guy, and both Dr, Clayton and Pearl Forrester! The set would also include the Satellite of Love, the vessel that trapped Joel, Mike, and the Bots. The host room with "Movie Sign!" lights and buttons, famous hallway doors, and the theater will all be included! This show had talented writers, an original premise, and lasting pop cultural fame to this day. Thanks to Mystery Science Theater, we all take bad movies a little less seriously now, and laugh when there was nothing funny before.

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