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Labyrinth Boardgame


Player board/shield options

While I'm at it, here's another update!

If there is need for a shield to hide treasure(s) not found yet, one could use the shield on the left (presented from a players/opponents' POV. On the right is the current board, with just a few colored tiles added if compared to the original.

As before, round cover tiles are removed when playing with fewer players: with 2/3/4 players, your goal is to find 12/8/6 treasures.


Alternative treasures

After being featured in Bricklink Ideas Showcase, I thought maybe I should submit some kind of update. High hopes still to get this thing as high as possible!

So here's two alternative treasure sets:

The one on the left uses identical pieces in several colors to create 24 unique combinations. Because they all feel the same, one can't cheat when picking these up blind from bag (remeber, there are no cards in my version). If you read the comments, I've posted there another, quite similar set.

The other set has more variety, 7 different shapes, but because of that, you can feel the difference.

What do you think?


*** 100 ***

Yay, the first step achieved! Thank you! Now, if all of you get 10 friends to vote, that's 1000, and if they each get 10, that's, wait for it, 10000! :D

Attached you'll find and old version. "Making of" special, you know :D



First supporters and other games

Thank you for all of you who have supported Labyrinth so far! If you think boardgames are cool, please check my other candidates, if you haven't yet: Santorini and Azul.

Now, go build and play! <3

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