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Azul Board Game


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Azul is one of the hottest board games at the moment (Feb 2019): In BoardGameGeek its overall ranking is 37 and it's the number one in both family and abstract game categories! It would make a perfect LEGO board game, too: simple to build, attractive to look at. There is no real need for stickers or special printed parts, either. All you need is a cloth bag for the "tiles".

In my version I've used basic 1 x 1 bricks as the tiles, because they're easy to handle. It also allows the game to be fairly small, fitting on regular coffee tables very well - with still room for the coffee!

Instead of personal scoring tracks, there is one common scoring track. That is something people have wanted on game forums. The factory tiles could also be easily replaced with one larger board, but there I've followed the original idea.

In addition to the base game, I've included the official expansions, Joker tiles and special Factories promo, to add even more replayability.

Disclaimer: I know my adaptation is not the only one in LEGO Ideas (confirming we need this game!). But I have made mine before knowing there are others. Any technical similarities are purely coincidences.

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