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Mini RC American Style Semi Truck


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This is a small scale semi truck with a trailer built mostly with stud-less Technic pieces.

The core of this concept is the possibility of using Technic curved panels to build a really small semi tractor with a sleeping cab that contains required motors in the chassis and the Technic Hub in the sleeping cab.

UPDATE 12.10.2020 - I have rebuilt the tractor model with Technic Hub and Powered Up motors and everything fits inside the tractor including hub with batteries.

The drive showcase below was filmed in space-constrained photo scene and thus most of the time the truck was moving with speed reduced to 50% of what the motors can do, although there are moments showing how fast it can sprint at 100%. This was made with third party control app because control+ app requires specific ports to be used with specific motors to work. If this was to be made as a control+ ready set, it would have gearbox-like speed up control thanks to the control+ app.

There is a potential for building a B-Model for this kit that would use the tractor to build a standalone truck with some kind of functionality where battery pack/hub is mounted in place of trailer saddle. Example B-model snow plow truck is shown in last photos.

- mostly built with stud-less Technic pieces
- tractor cab built with curved Technic panels
- detailed interior
- neatly fitting motors inside the frame and cab
- neatly fitting battery/hub inside the trailer
- example trailer functionality of a two-stage vehicle ramp raised with a single motor and two Lego cords.
- example B-model of a stand-alone utility truck with a snow plow 

Potential features that could be added in the final kit:
- use of control+ motors and hub
- open'able doors on the main cabin
- stickers for sleeping cab doors/windows and vehicle number plates on bumpers.
- different trailer functionality using up to two motors connected to the control+ hub
- different styles of trailers built upon this basic frame.
- B-model using the base tractor and bricks from the trailer to construct some stand-alone utility truck, maybe with two additional motor functions or a functionality driven from the main tractor motor.

The final set could be a kit including control+ motor functions or just be a control+ ready kit. It can be either standalone semi tractor or a full set with a trailer and some kind of cargo.

The original Power Function based model showcase video can be found here:

The original model was built with power functions and 3rd party controller to enable 3rd motor control for a two-stage ramp on the trailer. The battery was placed in the trailer though and connected through the big turntable working as a trailer saddle because the controller and steering servo were placed in the sleeping cabin.

The original model of the tractor was recreated in (read more in the updates)

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