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The Orient Express, a Legendary Train


⬆️ Project improvements after the Staff Pick

🙋 Hello everyone, 

🚂 With the renewed interest in the Orient Express project, I decided to rework the project to improve some details and especially, rework the internal structure to consolidate it and optimize the number of bricks. I also improved the layout of the restaurant car.

🎡 I changed the rear wheel which now slides perfectly on rails, but the big wheels, borrowed from the LEGO Technic, are still a problem because they land on the outside. But this is the size I want in relation to the rest of the locomotive and the most acceptable pattern. Do you have any suggestions on this?

❓ Also: which of these photos would you use as the cover photo for the project?

💖 I thank you all for your support of the project. Please feel free to share it! See you soon for new creations!

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