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Red Bull Air Race


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Inspired by the aeronautical excitement that is the Red Bull Air Race event, I humbly submit my interpretation of the super-light and super-fast Red Bull Air Race plane.

This model features realistic styling throughout, including detailed cockpit, front and rear landing gear, rotating rotor, printed decals (I hope!) and true-to-life classic (and brick-built) Red Bull racing livery.

This model was built with strength, 'display-ability' and 'swoosh-ability' in mind, as well as ease of build and availability of existing and color-locked pieces, enabling a quick-to-market approach without the need for new molds, color variations and using the famous and well-reserved Dark Blue color that is so often prized by model builders.

I was amazed to learn of the many number of various different sponsored livery present at these air races, and the color options are endless but which all use, essentially, the same plane model, expanding the potential reach of this model worldwide.

Thank you for supporting my creativity!

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