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Red Bull Air Race


Thank You & More Images

Thank you all for your support so far! I am humbled by all the positive feedback and encouragement of this idea.

Expanded Livery

As I refine the idea further, I've explored different designs and livery that could expand the appeal and collection capability of this idea, and believe I'm just scratching the surface with two additions, presented below. While these are not branded for IP purposes, they are modeled after real-life designs as seen in various air race events across the world. Finally, while the Red Bull 'classic' livery uses current color-available pieces (excluding printed parts, of course), the orange and yellow designs leverage a few color-unavailable parts (namely, the black Technic rotor, wedge bricks on the landing gear and the black inverted plate with bar on the rear landing gear.
Display Stand

I've developed a UCS-style display stand to hold the model(s) at the perfect flight angle, leveraging inverted arches that nestle precisely with the curved slopes of the underside of the fuselage, and using the friction of such a tight matching curve along with the weight of the model to securely display in flight. This adds to the display-ability of the model in all it's various livery. Although not (yet) designed, a display plaque with race statistics, pilot information and other pertinent details would be another welcome addition and serve to further expand the appeal of the model.

Thank you again for all your support!

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