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The Carnival


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Welcome to the LEGO City Carnival!  Here, there are shows to entertain (Clowns and that sort), challenges, rides and more! Touch the sky in the hot air balloon, bump around and hit others out of place in the bumpercars, watch clowns do card tricks and even juggle them, and challenge yourself by trying to pop balloons with darts, shoot glass bottles, and make shots into the basketball hoop at the "Hot Shot" stand!  This Carnival is filled with all sorts of fun that you could play with everyday in your living room! Just support it to see it posibly become a real LEGO set!

I decided to build this set because I have always thought it would be fun to add a Carnival to my LEGO city and to have somthing fun for the LEGO minifigures to do (Not that it really matters).  LEGO does not have a theme park or fair so I thought I would make this to give LEGO the posibility.

This Set Includes:

  • A ticket booth
  • A pick-up truck with helium to blow up the hot air balloon (also included)
  • Bumper cars
  • Clown show and stage
  • Hot Shot, balloon poping with a dart, and shooting glass bottles with guns to win stuffed animal prizes
  • 20 minifigures

I hope you enjoy this set! If you would like to have it in your house please help me out and support, follow, and share with your friends!

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