Product Idea

Narnia; Prince Caspian; The Underground Treasury

It's been a year since the kings and queens of Narnia - Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy - accidentally wandered out of Narnia and back into England via a magical wardrobe. But time moves differently in Narnia, and when the Pevensies are suddenly summoned back into Narnia by a blast from Susan's magical horn, they find a much different Narnia - a Narnia that is, in fact, 1300 years older! As they rummage through the ruins of the once-great castle of Cair Paravel, they discover their secret treasure chamber - still intact! But if someone didn't attack the castle for riches, then what happened? And why haven't they seen any Narnians? The Pevensies are about to find out when they discover two Telmarine soldiers trying to drown Trumpkin the dwarf!

This model features a build designed to be true to the look and feel of the film without being overly complicated and still retaining a level of playability. This set is complete with each king's and queen's alcove, statue, and personal treasure chest. Plenty of treasure accessories are included to give the treasure chamber a rich and real feel. Outside the treasure chamber can be found a tree and a rowboat stocked with two Telmarine soldiers ready to challenge the Narnian kings and queens.

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