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Welcome to the Sea!

     It is a beautiful spring day.  Dolphins are leaping, fish are swimming, and an octupus is sleeping.  The lighthouse keeper is coming back from a mission he had gone out to complete last night.  This old light house has been here for decades.  Its paint is peeling and rust is growing. 

     Years ago, the workers that had constructed this beautiful lighthouse had dug the rock of the pennsula out and snuggly fitted it into the open clearing.  The house of the old lighthouse keeper was built with the extra materials from the lighthouse.  It is very rugged, but the lighthouse keeper doesn't mind.  He just cares to have a home to sleep in.

     This set includes one lighthouse keeper, a lighthouse, a little home, a penesila, a reef, five puffy blue fish, one octupus, two dolphins, two seaguls, one shark, four orange fish, a starfish, and a crab.

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