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Chitty Flies Again!

Let's fly one more time!

So here we are with a final re-submission of my original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang model. I'd like to extend a massive thanks to everyone who supported UCS Chitty, you got us right over the finish line in style!

Chitty is a large-scale model comprising just over 1800 pieces. And just as before, she comes complete with folding wings and picnic basket and offers a wide variety of building techniques and loads of playability.

She's been tweaked, tightened, slimmed and refurbished - she's now as sleek as a thoroughbred, her seats are a feather bed! Ahem.

Features included:

  • Even comfier leather seats!
  • Detailed headlamps and running lamps
  • Fold-out wings concealed inside the car's body
  • Fuel tank under the parcel shelf
  • New steering wheel
  • Hinged bonnet
  • Big old 4-cylinder engine under the bonnet
  • Working steering
  • Removable picnic basket and picnic items

I hope you like her even more this time around. Chitty and I would really appreciate your support, so click that support button now! Many thanks!


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